You're kinda lost, aren't you?
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You're kinda lost, aren't you?

okay THIS is my favorite so far
Everything is temporary.

3 words that completely changed my life once I fully accepted them (via martynakrezel)

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I scrolled past this at first and then I thought about it and I realized what it means

what does it mean?

It means do you need someone for the sake of not feeling alone and or sad or do you want me because you actually love me, not solely on comfort and fear but you actually want me.

Thank you ^^^^


You’re over someone when you stop looking at their social media accounts.

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The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you’re special too.

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Stay Together For The Kids // Blink 182
I was fifteen, thinking about unzipping my veins.

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i think that everyone has scars

maybe not on their wrists or their inner thighs or on their knees


on their hearts, souls, and between the cracks and crevices of the little universes they’ve created inside of themselves

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